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Agenda 1Growth Target and Open Innovation

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Keio University

KII:Keio Innovation Initiative
AdipoSeeds, Inc.
→ investment, collaboration
Study of culture technique generating artificial blood platelet from subcutaneous adipose tissue
The Institute for Advanced Biosciences, Keio University
Saliva Tech Co., LTD
→ investment, providing specimen material
Study of saliva-based tests for the detection of cancers

Chiba University

CellGenTech, Inc.
→ investment, collaboration
Contribution to the treatment of familial LCAT deficiency

Tokyo Medical and Dental University

→ collaboration
Study of the treatment of anti-virus immune cells

Kola-Gen Pharma Inc.

→ investment
Research and development of artificial collagen research reagents and medical biomaterials

Open Innovation Program NeyeS by Nissui Pharmaceutical

Open Innovation Program NeyeS by Nissui Pharmaceutical focuses on research related to regenerative medicine-related technologies, cell culture-related seeds, detection technologies, etc., in order to realize the transformations required for medical care for the sustainable development of society and people. We broadly recruit innovative and unique ideas and know-how from academic basic research to clinical research and testing, and search for and support buds useful for future medical care.

Open Innovation Program NeyeS by Nissui Pharmaceutical

Agenda 2Sanitary Control

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CompactDry “ Heavy Duty, Toughness ”


compliant with international standardization of food safety (international certifications)

international certifications
  • AOAC
EU : MicroVal、NordVal
  • NMKL

unicef, WHO and others use CompactDry for the research of basic infrastructure (for daily life)in developing countries.





Nuclear decontamination in forests

The accidents of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station, which was caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake, spread many radioactive materials to the environment. Decontamination in living area has been making progress step by step; however, decontamination in forests has been becoming difficult because of the bigger challenge of using heavy machinery than expected. We participate a demonstration experiment of adsorption of radioactive materials in forests with non-woven sheet in CompactDry as a simple method.

Contribution for prevent antimicrobial resistance by fully automated identification/susceptibility test system RAISUS®

fully automated identification/susceptibility test system RAISUS® S4

Application to simple measurement for prevent infection from spreading at natural disasters

We promote the collaboration with national and city universities.

Developing a simple test of paralytic shellfish poison

In the case of the pre-shipment inspection of paralytic shellfish poison in production ocean areas, only mouse bioassay has been permitted as the official method; however, due to the guideline performed in 2015 of the risk management of shellfish poison, screening methods who meet certain standards become available.
We collaborate in addressing to develop a simple test kit of paralytic shellfish poison with National Research Institute of Fisheries Science.  When the practical use starts, people can decide shipment on-site if available, and its cost will be much lower than the mouse bioassay.  Because of the low analysis cost, you can increase analysis test numbers, and then more detailed risk management will be realized. From the above, segmentalized control area and early cancellation of shelving shipment are realized and increase of the catch is expected.
In the commissioned project of the Research of regulatory science for sustainable supply of the safety of agricultural and marine products of MAFF, we have been working, developing and evaluating the simple test kit to practical use.

National Research Institute of Fisheries Science

Agenda 3Recruiting Activity and Promotion of Women’s Empowerment

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Nissui Pharmaceutical’s ethic charter

fairness of recruiting ( new graduates, mid-career recruiting)

employment opportunities
employment opportunities

Enployee Training

Pregnancy leave, childcare leave

Support system of getting public qualifications

Nissui Pharmaceutical’s work climate with diversity

Human Resource Development

Agenda 4Environmental Conservation

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Nissui Pharmaceutical’s environment charter

Nissui Group sustainable CSR

Environmental Management
Sophistication of Aquaculture
Reducing Environmental Load
Environmental Activities

Quality management systems

ISO9001 certificated

Medical devices -- Quality management systems

ISO13485 certificated

Environmental management systems

ISO14001 certificated