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For realization of sustainable society through the business
- Nissui Pharmaceutical’s business and CSR -

We address achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

SDGs Nissui Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Creating Shared Value

Social and Environmental Sustainability Initiatives

Sustainable environmental and social goals Agenda Initiatives through Nissui Pharmaceutical's business
Build resilient infrastructure, promote sustainable industrialization and foster innovation. Growth Target and Open Innovation
  • Medium-term management plan
  • Joint research with bio-ventures
  • Open Innovation Program
  • IT and Artificial Intelligence
Ensure access to water and sanitation for all. Sanitary Control
  • Compliant with international standardization of food safety (international certifications)
  • unicef, WHO and others use CompactDry for the research of basic infrastructure (for daily life)in developing countries.
  • Nuclear decontamination in forests
  • Contribution for prevent antimicrobial resistance
  • Application to simple measurement for prevent infection from spreading at natural disasters
  • Developing a simple test of paralytic shellfish poison
Promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth, employment and decent work for all. Recruiting Activity and Promotion of Women’s Empowerment
  • CSR of Nissui Group
  • Work style reform
  • Promotion of women
  • Enployee Training
  • Contribution activities to local communities
Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns. Environmental Conservation
  • Nissui Group sustainable CSR
  • Environmental management systems
  • Production of regenerative medicine products
  • Marine plastic problem

Nissui Pharmaceutical’s Innovation
- We are continuously moving forward innovating. -

  • To aim at our long-term growth
  • To generate new business in open innovation
  • To provide global service with pre-existing products with additional value by online.

Future of Innovation, Creation of Value

Management Philosophy
Aiming at a “company that materializes health and happiness of people”