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Notes on the Use of IR Information

The IR information posted on this website consists of financial information, performance indicators, and other information provided by Nissui Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and its affiliates (collectively referred to as “the Company”). No representations or guarantees whatsoever are made regarding the content of this information.
Furthermore, the posting of information on this website is not intended to solicit investment. Investments should not be based solely on the information posted on this website. Parties making investment decisions should do so based on their own judgment.

Posted Information

The Company strives to exercise all due care in posting information on this website. Nevertheless, the Company shall bear no responsibility whatsoever regarding errors in posted information, unauthorized alteration of data by third parties, problems arising from data downloads, or any other such problems, regardless of the causes.

Future Outlook

Some of the information posted on this website includes content related to future business performance. This content is not a guarantee of future performance and may incorporate risk and uncertainty. Changes in business conditions could impact future business performance, and actual business results may differ from forecasts.

Operation of this Website

Operation of this website may be interrupted or halted, and website content may be changed, without prior notification. In addition, factors such as the condition of the telecommunications environment or the site user’s computer could prevent usage of this website as intended. The Company shall bear no responsibility whatsoever for any problems, losses, or damages resulting from the inability to use this website as intended.