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Message from the President

Tokuya Ono

Please let me begin by expressing our profound thanks to our shareholders for their ongoing support.

Nissui Pharmaceutical understands that cooperation with shareholders and all other stakeholders is indispensable for achieving sustained growth and increases in corporate value over the medium-to-long term.
Under our management philosophy of being a “company that materializes health and happiness of people,” we are striving to be a company that is trusted and relied upon by society. Our efforts in this regard are the contributions we make to people’s health and happiness through core businesses: clinical diagnostic agents, industrial diagnostics agents, and cell culture agents. Our management direction is to be a company that grows sustainably over the long term. In respect of the rights and perspectives of our many stakeholders, and to promote appropriate cooperation, the Company’s Board of Directors and management have established the code of conduct and are leading efforts to maintain a corporate culture characterized by wholesome business ethics. Regarding the latter in particular, the Representative Director, President, and Chief Executive Officer, together with other members of management, conduct annual Management Direction Briefings in which they explain directly to all employees the Company’s path forward.

Appropriate information disclosure, one of our most important management concerns, is essential for gaining the understanding of shareholders and other stakeholders. And we well appreciate the importance of enhancing our brand power and maximizing corporate value for responding to changes in our business environment and growing our business.
Therefore, we go beyond legal and regulatory requirements and proactively disclose financial and nonfinancial information we believe is important to shareholders and other stakeholders. We do this through our website, business reports, and other channels.

To increase our corporate value over the medium-to-long term, we make investments that we expect to result in sustained growth, and we maintain shareholders’ equity at a level that is acceptable given the risk entailed by our business activities.
Regarding returns to shareholders, we give comprehensive consideration to factors such as the direction of our business performance, financial condition, and medium-to-long-term growth needs as we strive to pay a dividend that is stable and ongoing.

We look forward to the continuing support and encouragement of our shareholders as we move ahead.