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Medium-Term Management Plan

Management Policy

Management Policy

Aiming to be a company with sustained growth, Nissui Pharmaceutical views FY2019 to FY2020—the period covered by its medium-term management plan—as a stage for increasing investment in the creation of new value.
* In FY2021, we continue the medium-term management plan for FY2019-2020.

Position of the Medium-Term Management Plan (FY2019-2020)

Position of the Medium-Term Management Plan (FY2019-2020)

FY2019–2020 is a period for vigorous investment in the creation of new services.
Steps taken to date are beginning to produce earnings, and sustained earnings growth is expected.

Strategic Directions

Strategic Directions

Nippon Suisan Kaisha, Ltd. and Nippon Suisan Group companies are strengthening their investment management, with ROA as a performance indicator.

Initiatives for Profitable Growth

Clinical Diagnostics

  • Perform more device installments in major hospitals and clinical laboratory centers in Japan
  • Expand the control serum business
  • Strengthen the infectious disease product line

Industrial Diagnostics

  • Expand sales of regenerative medicine products
  • Add HACCP- and ISO-related products and services
  • Extend the pharmaceutical- and food-testing product line

Companywide Initiatives

  • Operational improvement: Automation, consolidation, and outsourcing
  • Optimal human resource deployment: Creative work, work efficiency improvements, quality maintenance

Overseas Business Development

Overseas Business Development

Continue to designate key sales regions, while adding new sales agents, to further expand global business development.

Regenerative Medicine Business (Mycoplasma testing)

Safety is a top priority for the quality of regenerative medicine products and biopharmaceuticals, and mycoplasma detection is a critical element of safety testing. In the global market for mycoplasma detection we aim to supply our Myco Finder mycoplasma negative test kits not only to customers in Japan but also to major pharmaceutical manufacturers engaged in antibody medicine and regenerative medicine research and product development in Europe and the U.S.

Market Size

Market Size

Source: "Latest Trends and Future Potentiality of Tissue Engineering Related Market 2018," a research report published by Fuji Keizai Co., Ltd.

Mycoplasma : Provision of Myco Finder gene detection kits

Established a French subsidiary as an overseas base of operations

Share Capital
EUR 100,000.00
Corporate form
SAS (Société par actions simplifiée)
Tatsuo Ishii
Corporate headquarters
Département d’Anesthésie Réanimation, Hôpital de la Pitié Salpêtrière, 47/83 boulevard de l’hôpital, 75013 Paris, France
Shareholder composition
Nissui Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. 100%
Business description
Overseas business in regenerative medicine industry, Myco Finder® sales

Food Safety Management

About the @BactLAB colony counter global cloud service

Purposes of @BactLAB
Purposes of @BactLAB
@BactLAB Usage Flow
@BactLAB Usage Flow

View Detailed Usage Flow Videos

Business Model Prioritizing QC/QA
Business Model Prioritizing QC/QA

@BactLAB’s cloud-based data management function makes it possible for hygiene management conditions to be monitored not only by the quality control unit of a supplier or factory but also by a headquarters unit (QC/QA department). Real-time monitoring can be set up for every step from raw material production through the supply of products.

Advancing Open Innovation

Investments in and Alliances with Other Companies and Research Institutions

Bioventure and research- and manufacturing-related companies

  • CellGenTech, Inc.

    CellGenTech, Inc.
    Contribution to the treatment of familial LCAT deficiency
  • Tokyo Medical and Dental University

    Tokyo Medical and Dental University
    Study of the treatment of antiviral immune cells
  • AdipoSeeds, Inc.

    AdipoSeeds, Inc.
    Study of culture technique generating artificial platelet from subcutaneous adipose tissue
  • Kola-Gen Pharma Inc.

    Kola-Gen Pharma Inc.
    Manufacture and sales of reagents for synthetic collagen research, and R&D on biomaterials for medical applications
  • Saliva Tech Co., LTD

    Saliva Tech Co., LTD
    Research on simplified saliva-based tests for the detection of cancers

Early-Stage (Basic, Pre-clinical) Discoveries
Nissui Pharmaceutical’s NeyeS Open Innovation Program

This program aims to discover innovative, unique ideas and know-how using everything from basic academic research through clinical research/testing and information processing in the areas of regenerative medicine technology, cell culturing, and testing and detection technology.

To create a sustainable company

  • To achieve long-term growth
  • To generate new business in open innovation
  • To add value to existing products through online accessibility to provide services globally

(Sustainable Development Goals)

SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)