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ATP Rapid Hygiene Monitoring

“ATP Rapid Hygiene Monitoring” is employed for testing employees’ hands or food processing equipment and facilities to ensure that adequate cleanliness is being maintained. These tests are extremely important in preventing cross-contamination, incidents which allegedly said to account for 60% of food poisoning in Japan. Kikkoman’s Rapid Hygiene Monitoring Systems use the ATP+ADP+AMP swab test method. The test area is wiped using the reagent kit LuciPac A3 which combine a reagent and self-contained swab device, after which light is emitted as a result of chemical reaction between luciferase-luciferin-PK-PPDK reagent and ATP+ADP+AMP. The level of luminescence is measured using the Lumitester measuring instrument, and the degree of cleanliness is determined based on the amount of ATP+ADP+AMP detected. The degree of contamination is immediately shown as a numerical output, enabling a process of “check and take action” that is not possible using traditional culture methods, and thus allow accidents to be prevented before they occur. 

※PK ; pyruvate kinase

※PPDK ; pyruvate orthophosphate dikinase

※ATP Rapid Hygiene Monitoring. (n.d.). Kikkoman Biochemifa Company Website, Retrieved April 1, 2019,

Lumitester PD-30

The luminometer for rapid hygiene monitoring

The Lumiteter PD-30 is a lightweight and easy-to-use instrument, offers high sensitivity detection capabilities.

LuciPac A3

Kikkoman Biochemifa Company

Lumitester Smart

The luminometer for rapid hygiene monitoring

The Lumitester Smart offers high sensitivity detection and wireless connection capabilities.

Lumitester Smart

Kikkoman Biochemifa Company


・ App to continuously monitor multiple data
・ Easy to set test points and benchmark values
・ Easy to link test points and test results
・ Display time-series data for each test
・ Visualize overall inspection scores through graphs
・ Centralized multi-site data with cloud management

※ "LuciPac" and "Lumitester" are registered trademarks of Kikkoman Corporation in Japan and other countries.