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The field of Regenerative Medcine and Bio-Pharmaceutical

Nissui Pharmaceutical provides you with high quality cell cultures and mycoplasma detection kit for the field of Regenerative Medcine and Bio-Pharmaceutical.

Regenerative Medicine

Mycoplasma Detection Kit - Myco Finder™

Mycoplasma Detection Kit

  1. Compliance with Japanese Pharmacopoeia 17th Edition: Nucleic Acid Amplification Technique.
  2. Preparation of reagent is not necessary because dried reaction reagent is set in the reaction tube for each test.
  3. As a potent amplification enzyme is used, detection can complete within one hour from the start of amplification.


Instruction For Use(0.2MB)

Product Presentation(1.2MB)

Operation Manual(1.2MB)

Pharmacopoeia Validation(0.6MB)

PCR Programs(0.9MB)