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About Products (CompactDry™)

Instructions for use

CompactDry™ is a ready-to-use test method which helps to reduce the labour hours needed to perform microbial testing. Therefore, it allows maximizing the productivity by increasing efficiency.


To ensure reliability, Nissui Pharmaceutical has gained certifications from the AOAC in the U.S. and MicroVal and NordVal in the EU. In Japan, our analytical approaches have been included in the Standard Methods of Analysis in Food Safety Regulation. Below is certificate of compliance and the validation reports.

SDS (Safety Data Sheet)

We provide our customers with Safety Data Sheets to use our products safely.

Colony Counter Global Service

You can easily determine the bacterial (colony) count cultured in CompactDry™ using your smartphone.

Sample Request

If you would like a sample of the food Safety products, please contact us from the following.

Special Movie

You can see the voices of people using Nissui Pharmaceutical products.


You can see materials such as white paper and example of using IT technology.


It will be an online seminar on Method Validation and Verification.

Food Safety and Security

Nissui Pharmaceutical offers a wide range of culture media for Industrial Microbiology and Food Safety such as dehydrated culture media, chromogenic culture media and prepared culture media. Nissui CompactDry™ is ready-to-use culture media that is an alternative rapid method by the international accreditation bodies.


Global Performance in the Industrial Diagnostics Business


Instructions for use


Applications (public materials)

white paper documents

SDS (Safety Data Sheet)

  • - CompactDry™ “Nissui” AQ
  • - CompactDry™ “Nissui” BC
  • - CompactDry™ “Nissui” CC
  • - CompactDry™ “Nissui” CF
  • - CompactDry™ “Nissui” EC
  • - CompactDry™ “Nissui” ECO
  • - CompactDry™ “Nissui” ETB
  • - CompactDry™ “Nissui” ETC
  • - CompactDry™ “Nissui” LM
  • - CompactDry™ “Nissui” LS
  • - CompactDry™ “Nissui” PA
  • - CompactDry™ “Nissui” SL
  • - CompactDry™ “Nissui” TC
  • - CompactDry™ “Nissui” VP
  • - CompactDry™ “Nissui” XSA
  • - CompactDry™ “Nissui” YM
  • - CompactDry™ “Nissui” YMR

Colony Counter Global Service

Global service of colony counter (@BactLAB®)
You can use an APP to easily count the number of bacteria (colonies) cultured in CompactDry™ by using the smart phones. After registering as a member on the APP or service web, users can take a photo of colonies cultured in CompactDry™ via a smart phone or PC, upload the photo, and can confirm colony counting several seconds later.

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