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Pharmaceuticals Pharmaceuticals

Amid an aging population and growing interest in human health, Nissui Pharmaceutical is developing a wide variety of products ranging from therapeutic medicines and nourishing tonics based on crude drugs of both animal and plant origin, to health foods made with natural ingredients. In our efforts to develop a broad spectrum of pharmaceuticals that are safe and effective, we disseminate a broad range of product and other pharmaceutical information, and reflect customer feedback in the development of new pharmaceuticals.

Sales Arm

Nissui Pharma Medical Sales Co., Ltd.

Nissui Pharma Medical Sales Co., Ltd., a subsidiary, recruits new members for Kenko Mirai Sozo Kenkyu-kai, the pharmacy and drugstore network that is its main customer; develops sales approaches mainly for key products (Conclevan, Nissui Seishingan, Shin-gallol-jo, Sea Alpa® 100, Sea Alpa® 30, and Nissui Hojinhen); and educates customers on age-appropriate dosages.

Pharmaceutical Solutions Business

In our Pharmaceutical Solutions Business, we sell pharmaceuticals – products making use of our strength in natural ingredients – and pharmaceutical raw materials. In addition, we are devoting significant effort to enhancing our development of ODM products, for sale under private brands distributed through drug channels and other new sales routes, and to developing products under our own brand.