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Social Media Policy

Regarding its official use of social media services, Nissui Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. abides by the following guidelines.

Social Media Guidelines

・ Employees and persons affiliated with Nissui Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (“Company personnel”) understand with regard to the use of social media that it is used by large numbers of the general public and that information, once posted, cannot be deleted. Company personnel, therefore, will abide by the Rules of Employment and other internal provisions established by the Company when engaging in online information dissemination and communication.

・ Company personnel understand that their own online statements can have significant impacts not only on themselves but also on the Company and will strive to conduct themselves with good sense.

・ Company personnel will express themselves in ways that are clearly understandable when communicating online and will not disseminate information that is inaccurate or would harm others.

・ In disseminating information, Company personnel will not infringe copyrights or other intellectual property rights, or rights to privacy. Company personnel will abide by the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law, laws and rules concerning representations, industry agreements, and other laws and regulations.

・ Company personnel will not leak internal or external confidential information in their online statements.

・ Company personnel understand that online communications are intended to enhance company transparency and maintain an appropriate relationship with society. Company personnel will use online communications to promote trust-based relationships with customers, encourage customers to develop a sense of familiarity with the Company, and enhance brand value.

・ Information disseminated by Company personnel via social media does not necessarily reflect the Company’s official views or constitute an announcement by the Company. Official information on Nissui Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.’s businesses and services is posted on the Company’s website and disclosed through news releases and other channels.